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Courtney Dawson


Internationally renowned psychic medium Courtney Dawson is highly respected for her evidential mediumship messages and accurate spiritual guidance.

Having honed her psychic skills at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in England, her readings have become both a source of comfort and insight for those seeking connections with their departed loved ones.

Known for her warm yet precise sessions, Courtney Dawson is trusted around the globe for delivering evidence-based and heart-centred spirit messages, offering profound understanding and support to clients worldwide.

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Courtney Dawson offers a variety of services, such as psychic readings, live group demonstrations of mediumship, and classes to help you unlock your spiritual gifts. These services are designed to support and empower you on your personal journey.


Connect with your loved ones in spirit. Receive validation that their soul is still with you. Be reminded that love, like life, is eternal.


Get the answers you need about the areas of your life that matter most. Feel confident and empowered with the guidance you receive.


Ready to embrace your spiritual gifts? Have a mentor who provices you with the support you need on this remarkable journey.


Experience the power of connection with Courney at her upcoming in-person or online events.



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