Ethical Mediumship MADE EASY!!

Become abundantly paid as an ethical medium

Are you ready to unlock your spiritual gifts and grow a successful service-based business as an Ethical Medium?

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You are ready to develop your mediumship and you want to create a business that helps people –
touching lives on both sides of the vail through your work.

You have been scouring the internet looking for answers and you are yearning for an ethical mentor to guide you and help lay the foundation for your gifts to blossom.

Overwhelmingly, spirit is already showing up in your life – at work, at the grocery store, even when you
are trying to sleep.

You just need to develop healthy boundaries with spirit so your gifts can shine – helping people along
the way and making money ethically at the same time.

I’m going to show you how.

Ethical Mediumship Made easy

This program is designed to help you become an ethical medium –
delivering quality mediumship
readings with ease, and getting paid.

Ethical Mediumship Made Easy is a straightforward, easy-to-understand method that celebrates your individuality and honours your unique gifts
- no more confusion and overwhelm!

Gain confidence and trust in your gifts.

Build the foundation you need to bring your gifts to the masses, and…

Be abundantly paid for your work.

And I want to support you every step of the way!

Meet your mentor

Courtney Dawson, an international evidential medium trained by world-renowned experts like Tony Stockwell and Eileen Davies, with extensive study at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in England.

Courtney is all about empowering you on your personal journey of self-discovery, helping you unlock those amazing spiritual gifts so you can truly make your mark in the world.

With her down-to-earth vibe and practical approach to developing mediumship, Courtney is the go-to mentor for students across the globe.

Imagine what you could achieve if you had Courtney supporting you in your mediumship journey !

You don’t need a crystal ball to become an Ethical Medium!

You need a Mediumship program without all the fluff and mysticism you typically see on social media. EMME empowers you with actionable steps to develop your mediumship gifts and earn abundantly.

Because your desires are divine. 

It’s time to embrace your greatness! 

EMME will be by your side every step of the way!

Here’s what you get inside Ethical Mediumship Made Easy:

12 x 2 hour live online classes

post-class recordings

You can access and review the course material at any time for lifelong learning.

Live Q&A

Get your questions answered and receive extra support during class with live Q&A sessions.


Filled with detailed information and useful reference materials.

Ethical Mediumship Made Easy
course curriculum

Lesson 1 – Difference between Psychism vs Mediumship

Lesson 2 – The Power of Self-Connection

Lesson 3 – Connect to Spirit Guides

Lesson 4 – The Language of Spirit

Lesson 5 – Energetic Boundaries

Lesson 6 – The Spiritualization of Self

Lesson 7 – The Confident Medium

Lesson 8 – How to deliver accurate evidential readings

Lesson 9 – Ethical Mediumship 

Lesson 10 – Overcoming blocks in Mediumship

Lesson 11 – The Mind of The Medium

Lesson 12 – Working with the Public

the lovely things they say

our students


“Courtney is a great teacher!  An excellent blend of fun and making sure we are learning and

progressing.  I feel blessed that I’ve gotten to work with her!”

Tracey D


“I have looked forward to every week of this class and enjoy the sense of community. Courtney, I’m really appreciative to have you as my teacher. This class has been incredible and healing.”

Rebecca Z.


“I am immensely thankful I decided to take the beginner mediumship course with Courtney. She clearly guides you through the processes in a safe and beautiful manner. This course was life-changing for me! I highly recommend this course or working with Courtney in any way.”

Rachel G.

woman with glasses happy

I met Courtney when I was just getting started with my mediumship journey and joined a her development circle class. I was left astonished of the possibilities and took other classes. I learned so much and was able to refine my abilities fairly quickly. The energy of the classes is electric, positive, and I’ve met some lovely people along the way. I would highly encourage you to consider taking a class. I believe anyone from any level would benefit from her offerings. She’s professional, wise, fun, and a straight shooter! 

Kat. L

Imagine if your new life as an ethical medium goes something like this…

You wake up and feel immediate gratitude that you decided to embrace your gifts and go deeper into your spiritual calling.

The best part of the morning (besides the coffee and morning hugs and kisses) is enjoying the fact that you get to do the work you love.

You feel complete serenity in knowing that you are doing what you were born to do and making great money doing it.

You spend your workday tapping into your spiritual gifts, performing amazing mediumship readings, helping people and getting paid.

You spend more time on you.

More time with family and friends.

More time doing what you love.

And zero time helping someone else’s dreams come true.

The Ethical Mediumship Made Easy Program makes it easy for you to Unlock + Understand + Develop

Your spiritual gifts so you can be a well-paid ethical medium.

Did I mention the bonuses?

total value


Guided Meditation


Ethical Mediumship Journal


1-Day Voxer Mentorship


Mini-Mediumship Course

over $275 worth!



Price in Canadian Funds

Sign up by May 14, 2024, to take advantage of the early bird pricing!

save $155

pay in full


Price in Canadian Funds
  • Expert Training
  • Life-time access to recorded classes
  • Exclusive resources
  • Ongoing support

price after may 14

4 monthly payments


Price in Canadian Funds
  • Expert Training
  • Life-time access to recorded classes
  • Exclusive resources
  • Ongoing support

flexible payment plan



Who Is This Class For?

This class is perfect for those who want to develop their mediumship abilities and build a business that helps people on both sides of the veil through spiritual work. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to strengthen your abilities, this class is designed for you.

What is the class Size?

The class is limited to 20 people to ensure personalized support throughout the course.

Are classes live or recorded?

All classes are conducted live. Participants will receive recordings of each session for additional learning and review.

Who Is This Class For?

By taking this course, you will have developed a strong foundation in Ethical Mediumship. With these new skills, you’ll be equipped to offer readings to the public and earn abundantly from your spiritual gifts.



Saturday May 25,2024            9:00am – 11am PDT

Saturday June 1, 2024             9:00am – 11am PDT

Saturday June 8, 2024             9:00am – 11am PDT

Saturday June 22,2024            9:00am – 11am PDT

Saturday June 29,2024            9:00am – 11am PDT

Saturday July 6,2024               9:00am – 11am PDT

Sunday July 21,2024               11:00am – 1pm PDT

Saturday July 27,2024             9:00am – 11am PDT

Saturday August 3,2024          9:00am – 11am PDT

Saturday August 10,2024        9:00am – 11am PDT

Saturday August 17,2024        9:00am – 11am PDT

Saturday August 24,2024        9:00am – 11am PDT

Saturday May 25,2024            

Saturday June 1, 2024              

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Saturday July 27,2024             

Saturday August 3,2024          

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9:00am – 11am PDT

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Anyone can become an Ethical Medium – I’ll show you how!

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