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Maria Goncalves Podcast – Mediumship, Intuition, Tarot


Demystifying Mediumship with International Evidential Medium, Psychic and Mentor Courtney Dawson

What we’re talking about…

  • Today Courtney shares her mediumistic experiences and what it is like growing up in a Christian home.
  • We talk about demystifying mediumship and breaking down the fear of developing your spiritual gifts.
  • She talks about her curiosity about mediumship, and how she receives spirit communication.
  • She covers Sitting in the power and what exactly does that mean.
  • She goes over development circles and how they will strengthen your mediumship and how being guided by a mentor is important within one’s mediumship development.
  • She covers mediumship development and breaks it down in case that is something you may be interested in developing but not quite sure where to begin.
  • We discuss how long you need to wait before getting a reading after your loved one passes.
  • And so much more!!!

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