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My Journey into Mediumship: A Personal Reflection

woman gazing at the heavens

Our journey through mediumship is a rollercoaster ride – full of trials, tribulations, and triumphs. We often look up to those who seem to have it all figured out, forgetting that they also faced struggles and hurdles along the way.

Today, I’m laying bare my own journey, in the hope that it resonates with your experiences and brings a sense of recognition and validation.

Growing up in a Christian household, the teachings significantly shaped my life. The belief that we were born as sinners and salvation hinged on accepting Jesus into our hearts left me feeling guilty and unworthy.

From a young age, I had unexplainable experiences with the spirit world. My mother, though initially hesitant, acknowledged these encounters. There was even a scary run-in with a spirit that left us both shaken. Seeking guidance, my mother turned to her Christian friends, but their advice fell short.

Throughout my upbringing, prayer was my solace, but I lacked the support to understand these uncanny experiences. My father never broached the topic, leaving me feeling isolated and ashamed, like I was the odd one out.

Teenage years were particularly tough as I grappled with the fear of being labeled as ‘crazy’ due to these abilities.

As an adult, I continued to experience interactions with the spirit world. It wasn’t until a major life event – my divorce – that my mediumship abilities fully awakened.

Seeking healing, I found a mentor and underwent formal training in mediumship. This journey helped me discover my identity as a spiritual being living a human experience and gain a deeper understanding of my unique abilities.

I realized that mediumship is not just about relaying messages from the other side; it’s equally about self-discovery. Embracing my spiritual gifts brought a sense of belonging and profound healing.

Having walked this path, my mission is to support those of you navigating similar experiences and emotions, guiding you to recognize your worth and embrace your power. This commitment led me to establish the Connective Spirit School.

Mediumship development is for everyone, offering a profound understanding of ourselves and empowering us to show up as our most healed, brightest selves. If you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, I invite you to join me at the Connective Spirit School. Let’s uncover the true essence of our spiritual selves together.

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