Teanna Langston
We had the pleasure of having Courtney visit for a group home reading this evening and were blown away by her. Firstly, she is an absolute joy to be in the presence of. Her energy feels pure and light, and we all were at ease from the moment she walked in the door. She delivers all messages with kindness and clarity. Courtney was spot on with everything. She described family members so accurately it was astonishing. She knew of things that one possibly couldn’t, and constantly strived to make the most of every detail she received. We thank Courtney for spending time with us, and bringing us lots of laughter and light hearted moments, but most importantly, for providing us with evidence that our loved ones are truly, always with us. Thank you Courtney. We can’t wait to see you again!
Barbara Prinz
Thank you. Courtney for your wonderful reading. Firstly it was coincidence I saw your podcast with Alex on YouTube today and I felt it’s a great way to connect with you and your website-offer for a group session. Yes, it’s worth to stay up till 2 a.m. and join your invitation (online). Your connection was profound, lovely and deeply heart touching. It brought me exactly the message I loved to feel and instantly I knew, that’s my Loved one. Bless you, your work you do with such an amazing kindness and open heart is helping me and a lot of grieving people to move forward on my /their path. Keep going, Courtney, you make the world a better place. 🩷🌸💕 Barbara
Jennifer Maher
I thought Courtney's ability was incredible she is the real deal! I highly recommend her as she was so accurate it was crazy! Things started aligning 10 minutes after our session I could not believe it.
Chelsea Keserich
Thank you Courtney for being so king, welcoming, and patient with me. My reading with Courtney gave me so much peace and was so unbelievably accurate. It gave me reassurance that my Dad has been with me since he passed away and is still with me today. I had gotten a sentimental tattoo for my dad and that was one of the first things that came up and I am still blown away by this!! Thank you again.
Emily Wilson
I would absolutely recommend Courtney! I had a beautiful reading with her and looking forward to booking another one with her in the future!

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