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Science of soul podcast – Spirit World Communication with Medium Courtney Dawson

A Thrilling Experience on “Science With Soul” Podcast with Dr. Lotte

I was absolutely thrilled to join Dr. Lotte on her podcast “Science With Soul.” The opportunity to engage in a conversation about Spirit World Communication on such a platform was both exciting and enlightening. Dr. Lotte’s insightful questions and open-minded approach created a space for a meaningful dialogue that transcended traditional scientific boundaries. As we delved into the intricacies of connecting with the spirit world, the intersection of science and spirituality became evident, sparking a dynamic exchange of ideas. The experience was not only intellectually stimulating but also spiritually enriching, fostering a connection between the scientific and metaphysical realms. Collaborating with Dr. Lotte on “Science With Soul” was a unique and memorable experience that showcased the harmonious coexistence of empirical inquiry and the mysteries of the soul.

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