The Connected Spirit School

with Courtney Dawson

The Connected Spirit School is online school where you can learn to unfold your mediumistic and intuitive powers of awareness.

School of Mediumistic and Intuitive Development

The school offers a variety of courses to support individuals at different stages of their spiritual journey. From learning to connect with departed loved ones to developing a strong foundation in mediumship mechanics and even certification courses for those looking to build a spiritual-based business.

The school also invites special tutors, including professionals from the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in England, to facilitate specialty masterclasses and workshops. The goal of the school is to raise the standard of mediumship and mentor students in a loving, fun, and supportive way.

If you’re looking for a structured yet enjoyable way to develop your gifts, enroll in the Connected Spirit School of Mediumistic and Intuitive Studies today!


The school was founded in 2021 and continues to offer courses and support to students.


The Connected Spirit School is an online platform accessible to people across the globe.


The Connected Spirit School was founded by international psychic medium, Courtney Dawson.

a comprehensive range of courses on mediumship and spirituality.

For connecting with departed loved ones

Meet Your instructor
Courtney Dawson

Founder of The Connected Spirit School

Courtney is a professional working medium, Spiritualist Minister, Mentor, and Certified Spiritual Life Coach. With training from the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, and guidance from renowned mediums like Tony Stockwell and Eileen Davies, Courtney has honed her skills to become highly sought-after.

Whether through in-person or online classes, workshops, and development groups, Courtney believes that everyone has the potential to develop their spiritual gifts. With her experienced and supportive approach, learning becomes enjoyable as individuals discover more about themselves, gain a broader perspective on life, and learn how to communicate with the spirit world.

Courtney’s vibrant energy and strong connection with the spirit world set her apart as a gifted medium and mentor. Her appearances on podcasts allow her to share her expertise, empowering others to feel seen and confident in their own spiritual experiences.

Join Courtney on a transformative journey of self-discovery as she guides you towards unlocking your spiritual potential. Discover a new level of connection and understanding as you explore the realms of the spirit world with a compassionate and talented mentor by your side.

Join us at the Connected Spirit School to explore these fascinating aspects of mediumship and spirituality. Enhance your personal journey and growth with our expert guidance.

Student testimonials

” I met Courtney when I was just getting started with my mediumship journey and joined a her development circle class. I was left astonished of the possibilities and took other classes. I learned so much and was able to refine my abiltiies fairly quickly. The energy of the classes are electric, positive, and I’ve met some lovely people along the way. I would highly encourage you to consider taking a class. I believe anyone from any level would benefit from her offerings. She’s professional, wise, fun, and a straight shooter! “

Kat L.

” I booked a reading with Courtney three and a half months after I lost my husband – it kept me from being curled up in a ball on the rug and changed my life. There is no doubt in my mind it was him. I recognized the signs and synchronicities that led me to her website for my first reading, and I’ve taken three mediumship courses and a couple of workshops since then – I found my tribe. Courtney has a beautiful spirit, is an awesome medium and teaches from her heart, with love and compassion.  Come join the circle… “

Paula C.

” I first found Courtney from her podcast “The connected spirit”. I just started my mediumship journey and binged every episode taking in the wealth of information she provides to those who are developing. At that time, having her as a mentor would have been a dream.

Fast forward to finding her school and the courses that she offers. I HAD to enroll. She really has a way about her. A kindness and knowledge, and she makes you feel safe and welcomed instantly. I look forward to having Courtney as a part of my journey. “

Tara Greathouse

” Courtney, I’m grateful to have you as my first teacher. Your energy is something I can truly connect with and learn from. I’ve learned that by increasing our vibration through patience, kindness, and love, we can establish a connection with our loved ones. “

L. R

” I have looked forward to every week of this class and enjoy the sense of community. Courtney, I’m really appreciative to have you as my teacher. This class has been incredible and healing. “

Rebecca Z.

” I am immensely thankful I decided to take the beginner mediumship course with Courtney Dawson. She clearly guides you through the processes in a safe and beautiful manner. This course was life-changing for me! I highly recommend this course or working with Courtney in any way. “

R. Gannon