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The Connected Spirit with Courtney Dawson – Clairvoyaging Podcast

Join us on an enlightening journey with Canadian psychic medium Courtney Dawson as she delights us with tales of her unexpected foray into the land of spirits and her own transformative moments. From childhood encounters with the unexplained to teaching others to hone their psychic skills, Courtney’s narrative is both a masterclass in spiritual sensitivity and a hearty laugh session rolled into one. Our discussion with Courtney explores the profound effect mediumship can have on those grappling for closure.

But it’s not all ethereal; Courtney gets practical too, sharing invaluable tips for managing empathy and tuning into your own psychic abilities. Whether it’s the art of psychometry or the essential tools for grounding and energy purification, there’s something for everyone who’s ever felt a tug at their intuition. So grab your crystals – or just a comfy seat – and join us for an episode that’s as much an adventure as it is an affirmation of the incredible, unseen threads that weave our world together.