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The Stupid Cute Podcast – Ep.46 with Courtney Dawson Part 2

Living a full life through trusting your soul voice with Courtney Dawson

Well well well !!! Part two with Courtney Dawson is here!! I love this episode for so many reasons, we kick off with a beautiful and increasingly surprising connection that Courtney and I have, learn more about her life and what it was like growing up with a special gift and most importantly how she got her self confidence !!!! She gives us the T on trusting your soul voice (aka intuition) and I do something I’ve never done before on this show and I have a present day (seriously I recorded it 6 hours before release) interlude during an interview. Courtney gave me the most beautiful reading to share with my family & we decided to keep it private. Don’t worry, I give you the low down & we discuss the inner workings of a reading both with Courtney and in the AfterParty. This episode is full of firsts and I’m here for it.

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