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Your Guide to Mediumship Development: Embracing Your Spiritual Potential

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Mediumship is a unique and deeply personal journey that unfolds naturally and cannot be manufactured. Every person’s experience with mediumship development is completely individualized and different. My goal is to help you understand this journey better and provide insights to support you through the process.

Pre-development is the stage before we actually start formal education in mediumship. It is marked by an increased curiosity about the spirit world and exploration of various methods to connect with spiritual entities, from tarot cards to dowsing rods.

However, information overload is very possible in this phase. It’s important to be discerning, not taking things at face value, and understanding that an experience or truth for one may not be the same for others. Take your time in this phase, absorb knowledge at a pace that suits you, and connect with your own spirit to determine what feels right.

As you move from pre-development into actual development, you might observe quite a few changes in your life. These changes reflect your inner transformation as you connect more deeply with your spiritual self. Your touchpoints with the world—your personal relationships, food preferences, hobbies, interests—might shift. You might even become more sensitive to certain foods or practices. I assure you, this is normal, and part of your spiritual growth.

The journey to mediumship is a journey of unfolding. Think of it as planting a seed; nurturing it, watering it, and allowing it the time to grow and come to full bloom. The journey may make you feel unsettled or lonely at times. It’s not a journey for everyone. However, these feelings are both natural and temporary. What will remain constant is the support of your spirit guides.

Finding a mentor who has been through the journey and understands the mechanics, philosophy, and science of mediumship is crucial. Look for someone who has formal training and a deep understanding of the spiritual realm. Your mentor will guide you, answer your questions, and help you understand your intrinsic abilities.

Joining a class or a community of like-minded individuals is instrumental. Reading and self-education are valuable, but the practical experience and validation you get from a community are incomparable. Mediumship, like life, is a balance of individual and collective learning experiences.

You will also see shifts in your life that mirror your inner transformation. Relationships might change as you begin to resonate at different frequencies. Again, this is normal and a part of the growth process. People in your life might change, but remember, when something leaves your life, it will be replaced by something more fulfilling and aligned for your highest good.

The journey of mediumship development is a rewarding one that can bring about profound changes in your life. The essence of this journey is understanding who you are as a soul being and acknowledging the reality of another life that co-exists simultaneously with ours – the spirit world. By embarking on this path, you can bring healing into the world and serve others while embodying your true self.

Remember, the journey will have its own challenges but know that you’re not alone. Your spirit guides, your loved ones, and people like me are cheering you on and supporting you at every step. This journey is worth every step, every shift, and every extraordinary revelation. Embrace it with an open heart and remember that every experience is part of the beautiful process of spiritual unfolding.

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