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What is a psychic medium + building your psychic skills with Courtney Dawson: Stupid Cute Podcast

This is Part 1 of my conversations with Courtney Dawson about psychic mediums, what that means & how you can expand your psychic abilities (spoiler: we all have them !!) Courtney mythbusts some Hollywood-esque misconceptions, tells us about how she realized she had a gift and gives us some pointers & exercises to get us in touch with our own souls so we can reach others as well. I know what you might be thinking, this is SCARY! That’s why I’m bringing Courtney back again to dive deeper into these topics and share more about her personal experiences. This first episode is education based, highly informative and a breakdown of the differences between psychics and mediums, the physical world and the spirit world, where our fears around this tend to come from and what is happening for Courtney when she’s giving a reading. Stay tuned for Part 2!!